Episode 79: Not Going Backwards: How We Elevate The Careers of Women During Covid

May 10, 2021

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This has been a whirlwind. 

Sure, we’ve entered the space beyond 2020, but the ripple effects become more pronounced as time goes by. Some of us have found our balance again. But for others, the hard-knocks just keep coming.

Before Covid, women were kickin’ ass and takin’ names. We were building successful businesses. We were helping to elevate one another by creating work infrastructures that made sense for the unique challenges we know all women face.  

We were on top of the world! Then...

Then a pandemic threw everything off course. 

As tired as that’s made us, as much as we’d love to just throw in the towel, we know that we’re far too resilient for that. 

In today’s episode, Karlee reveals startling statistics about the productivity of women pre-covid, and how those spectacular gains have been lost as the pandemic continues to derail women,  and particularly women of color, around the world. She points out the unique pressures women face juggling our work and home lives, and offers inspiration from past generations of women that’ll help you find the strength you need to keep going. She’ll also provide actionable ways that you can help women rise up again, thereby acknowledging your personal power to uplift. 

We know we’ll bounce back. But we also know that surviving the setbacks can be made a little easier when we’ve got each other's backs. 

The success of women depends on the success of women. 

We know how to use our power and resources to elevate others. We understand that when women are at the top, we look out for the long-term health and stability of our communities.

As we ride these rough seas together, it’s important to remember our tribal roots: helping others is what gives us the nourishment we need. It allows us to acknowledge our power and remind us of our connectedness to community. 

If you’re ready to build back brighter, stronger, and become a pinnacle of support for women so they’re able to do the same, then this episode is for you! 

What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • Leaving space for unexpected allies (1:21)
  • The growth of women-owned businesses pre-Covid (11:59)
  • Better outcomes from women who plan ahead (13:37)
  • Pandemic pressure among women worldwide (18:41)
  • What we can learn from women who’ve been here before (24:52)
  • How to help women (27:17)
  • Acknowledging our power to uplift (32:14)

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Website: National Domestic Workers Alliance 

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Live Events: https://membership.domesticworkers.org/get-involved/events/

Weekly coronavirus video call for domestic workers

Website: Ellevest

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