Episode 100: Common + Unity: How to live longer, be happier, and find unwavering support for your success through the power of community

Oct 04, 2021

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How many great ideas have you had throughout your lifetime? 

The kind that come about so suddenly that you feel their energy pulse through your body with so much intensity that it wakes you up and makes you want to move ASAP?

And...how many of those have you actually followed through on? 

If there’s some disparity between idea generation and follow-through, you’re not alone. 

And this isn’t a guilt trip. 

There’s a reason why so many of those ideas didn’t make it to fruition. 

What if I told you it wasn’t your lack of energy or ambition…

 It was about your lack of community. 

You see, follow-through takes two important things: nourishment and community.

If you want to start something new, you have to start by asking yourself one question:

“What do I need in order to make showing up for this possible?”

In this special 100th episode of Messy & Magnificent, Karlee launches a month-long series delivering the potent power of community to your door. She uncovers what community really is and why it's so important in our lives, not only for emotional support but also as the force behind getting things done. She shares four incredible benefits of belonging to a community, and the five types of community that every woman should belong to, in some capacity.

That whole “If I want it done right I've got to do it myself” mentality will only get us so far before we start to feel stuck. Moving to the next stage requires support. 

We thrive in community, and it’s time we recognize the role it plays in our success. 

If you’re ready to find your ideal community and reap the benefits of connection, then this episode is for you.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • The phenomenon of popular isolation (5:32)
  • How the power of community helps us get things done (7:59)
  • What the word community really means (21:27)
  • The long-term benefits of friendships and community (23:29)
  • The five types of community and why they’re beneficial (25:52)

People Mentioned in this Episode:

Dr. Tom Steding

Maria Sorios

Kate Northrup

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Episode 57: Trying To Do It All Yourself? How smart leaders stop being the hero and start building emotional integrity with Tom Steding

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Episode 76: Just Thrown A Curveball?! The specifics of how my company builds something new and revamps after our plans are foiled.

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