Episode 120: What's Your Story? How storytelling can help us connect more deeply with others

Feb 21, 2022

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Do you have a go-to handful of stories that you tell about yourself? And if so, how do they land on your audience?

Whether it’s the stories you tell to your friends, the ones you tell on first dates, or the ones you tell in the workplace, our stories are gateways that connect us to others. 

This week, Karlee calls upon one sweet bite of wisdom from Dr. Maria Sirois. It’s a lesson in masterful storytelling for anyone who’s curious about how the stories you’re telling are opening up the lines of communication with others.  

In this episode, you’ll hear why storytelling is the key to engagement, and why masterful storytelling has the potential to transform. Going all the way back to our tribal, neurobiological roots, you’ll learn what makes a story work, and you’ll uncover why three specific layers of storytelling make this type of sharing the most impactful way of communicating.

If you’re ready to deepen your connections with others through the art of masterful storytelling, then this episode is for you. 

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • How storytelling helps you connect with others (1:37)
  • What superheroes can teach us about the stories we tell about ourselves (2:59)
  • The way our brains process memory through storytelling (4:39)

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Episode 49: Masterful Storytelling: How to Share Your Stories to Transform and Engage with Others with Dr. Maria Sirois


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